Games to play

Here we have our favourite tried and tested baby shower games.... and best of all these are free!  All you will need is a few items most mums will have and a few eager players.

  • Offering a small prize for the winners makes it fun and much more competitive!!
  • Don't forget your camera!!
  • Have a look in our catalogue of items, we have a few baby games that match may your chosen theme.

Toss the Baby

Have your guests stand in a circle.  Give one of them a baby doll and ask her to toss it to whoever she likes.  The person who catches the doll has to shout out a baby related word, then toss the doll to someone else.  You are out if you shout a word that's already been used, pause for more than a few seconds or you drop the doll!  Whoever is left wins!

Bottle Drinking Game

Give each guest a baby feeding bottle filled with juice, water, beer (for the not pregnant!) or baby formula.  Have your guests line up and shout GO!  The players have to drink the liquid out of the teat.  First to finish wins! See our bottle drinking game accessory.

Spit the Dummy

Line up your players and give each one a dummy.  The aim of the game is to spit out the dummy with so much force it lands far away.  Whoever spits the furthest wins!

Baby Picasso

Give each guest a pen and piece of paper.  Have them blindfolded, then they have to do their best to draw a baby!  Mum picks her favourite baby.

Designer Nappies

Split our guests into teams.  Give each team a roll of toilet paper.  The teams have one minute to 'nappy up' one of its members using the toilet paper.  No tools allowed!  Have mum-to-be judge the winning team.

Guess the Baby

Have each guest bring a copy of a photo of themselves as a baby or child.  The guests have then to guess who it is.  The most correct wins!

Dirty Nappy Game

Have 4/5 disposable nappies.  Fill each with a different food item and the guests have to guess the 'mess' by sniffing (or even licking) what is inside the dirty nappy.  Most correct guesses wins!  Our best suggestions are.... mustard, coffee, curry paste or try a dampened stock cube it definitely looks the part!!!

Guess the Girth

Guests have to guess the measurement of mums tum by tearing off a strip of a ball of string what she thinks is nearest measurement of mums waistline!  Nearest wins!  Be careful not to offend!!!

Baby Items

Guests have one minute to write down as many 'baby items' they can think of.  Most items wins!

Baby Food Game

Buy 5/6 jars of baby food and decant onto separate paper plates.  Your guests have to taste each to guess the meal.  Most guesses wins.  Top tip.  Write the food on the bottom of the paper plate so you do not forget the meal!

Baby Relay

Split your guests into teams of 5.  Hand each team a doll wearing a nappy, dressed in baby clothes and swaddled in a blanket.  When you shout GO the 1st player has to unwrap the baby from the blanket and pass the baby on to the 2nd player.  This player has to undress the baby then pass it to the 3rd who has to change the nappy.  The 4th player has to dress the baby and pass it to the 5th who has to swaddle the baby back in the blanket.  First team to finish wins!

Decorate the Onesie

Have a plain white onesie or babygro and some fabric pens.  Have everyone decorate the onsie by putting words of wisdom or tips and advice for the new parent/s.  A great way to remember the day!

Guess the Weight & Date

Guests have to guess the weight/date/sex (if not known) of the imminent arrival.  Offer a prize for the winner/ closest guess.