Glamour Mama Gifts

A collection of gifts for the mum-to-be. Take a look at our range of exquisite pregnancy jewellery, the Belly Bola Necklace's and our own hand crafted Breastfeeding Bracelet.

'Glamour Mama' Gifts are perfect to present the mum to be at her Baby Shower, to give as Maternity Leave Gift, Welcome Home Gift or just as a treat.

Mexican Belly Bola

The Mexican Bola is a musical chime which was thought to be first worn by pregnant women from Mexico, hence the name! Through generations of motherhood the Mexican mums learned of the calming effects that the bola had with their babies before and after their birth. The beautiful and relaxing melody is made from chimes inside the pendant. The Mexican Bola or pregnancy charm is worn from the 18/20th week of pregnancy, as this is the time when baby starts to hear sounds in the womb through mums tummy. The bola is worn on a long necklace and placed low on the tummy where the calming melody can be heard. When baby is born the same sound of the bola is said to bring comfort and familiarity and as a result is soothing for baby. Our range of Bolas are fashionable to wear when pregnant and also stylish enough to wear after long after baby has arrived and grown up.

Breastfeeding Bracelet

This is a really pretty gift that is so practical for nursing mothers to wear. The bracelet is worn on the wrist of the same side as you feed your baby on, when feeding time is over you simply change the bracelet to the other wrist as a reminder to which side/breast next to feed your baby on!! Our feeding reminder bracelets are handcrafted by ourselves and can be made in a variety of colours, we can even personalise your bracelet by adding letters and spelling any name.

Glamour Mama Gift Baskets

Our range of gift baskets for mum-to-be or new mum. Some are practical, essentials, treats or fun! Take a look at our Only Mummy Basket, the contents are treats for mum only and will certainly make her smile!!

Pamper Cakes

Pamper Cakes are a tiered cake made up of pamper ingredients similar to our nappy cakes but are just for mum. Our favourite is the Pedi Cake, the ideal Welcome Home treat for when mum can finally reach her toes!!!

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Pink Belly Bola

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Love Heart Belly Bola

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Ball Belly Bola

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