Baby Hampers

Baby Hampers are an ideal Baby Shower gift. They contain essential and practical nuresery items and gifts.

We often struggle to find something to present our gifts in. This is such an attractive way to present a gift to mum. Our baskets and bassinets can be purchased empty for you to fill with your own items or you can chose one of our ready made up hampers.

Each one of our hampers is unique, is lovingly hand made to order and contains practical and essential items that any mum will be glad to receive. An attractive yet practical gift!

The baskets are made of wicker and available in natural, or if you prefer a coloured basket ours are coloured with eco friendly paint in white, pink or blue. They will contain the essentials Nappies, Wipes, Disposable Nappy Sacks and the any of the following as required....

Bath Time Basket. Baby Bath Towel/Robe. Bath time wash. Bath time lotion, sponge, cotton wool balls, cotton buds, talc, comb, hairbrush, bedtime cream and a rubber duck! All the bath time essentials.

Bed Time Basket. Baby Bedtime Cream. Baby Blanket. Snuggle Square/Comforter. Soother. Soft Toy. Vest. Babygro and Scratch mitts. All you need to put your little one down for the night!

Feed Time Basket. Pack of 2 Bottles. Bottle Brush. Spoon. Dish. Feeder Cup. Bibs. Travel Sterilizer. Pram/Crib Balnket.

We also have a selection for you to chose from in our catalogue of products.

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