How to organise a baby shower

Baby Shower celebrations are an American import that's fast taking off over here too!!!

Traditionally the purpose of a Baby Shower is to 'shower' the mum-to-be with advice, support and gifts.  This includes family and friends who will share in the excitement and assist in the expense by bringing gifts to help out the new parents.

Usually organised by a close friend or relative but certainly not the mum-to-be, she should have a good time and be stress free and not have any involvement in the organising or preparing.

The venue can be anywhere except mums place so she doesn't have to deal with the cleaning or tidying up!  A friends or grandparent-to-be home, church hall, health club, pub, hotel, community centres are all ideal.

The ideal time to hold a Baby Shower is any time after conception but ideally during 30-38 weeks of pregnancy, not too close to the due date... you don't want an unexpected arrival!!  Later in pregnancy is a welcome diversion as the weeks tick by.  Some parties are held soon after the birth as a welcome celebration.

You can make the celebration as large or as low key as the mum-to-be prefers or as your budget will allow. 

The shower should be held in the home of the host or in a suitable venue, but certainly not in the home of the mum-to-be, as this is a treat for her, and she shouldn't have to deal with the clean up job!

Make the celebration an occasion to treat mum-to-be as all eyes will be on her baby once he/she is born.

What to do

  • Ask mum-to-be who she would like to invite, and check with VIP guests they have no other plans on that date, you would hate to miss out grandparents if they have made other arrangements.
  • Send out invites a few weeks (2-4) before the event.
  • Choosing a theme is fun, but not essential.  We have themed celebration packs to suit all tastes and budgets, pink, blue or neutral is the sex of the baby is not known.
  • You may want to serve some food and drink depending on the time of day.  Nibbles and finger food is adequate.  You could ask your guests to contribute towards the party food.
  • Organise a cake. 
  • You could ask mum what essentials she needs for baby or gifts she would like to receive.  You could have a most wanted list passed round prior to the party where mum lists her most needed items and guests cross off what they give so there are no duplicates.
  • Have some 'baby' background music to add to the atmosphere.
  • Baby Showers aren't complete without some fun and games.  Organise some baby shower games, usually 3/4 is good.  We have some games for  to purchase to match with your theme.  See also our games section where we have ideas that you can make your own games. 
  • Organise goody bags/prizes for guests, they don't have to be expensive... something like a chocolate bar, bottle of wine or a pamper gift, and a thank you card.
  • Don't forget your camera!

Gift Ideas

  • Basket of nappies and changing essentials.
  • Basket of bath time essentials.
  • Bedding.
  • Memory books/boxes.
  • Gift vouchers-not thrilling but will be appreciated as mum can chose her own essentials.
  • Clothing.
  • Feeding essentials.
  • Club together gift of larger or more expensive items such as prams, cribs, cots, car seats.