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A baby shower is a party to celebrate the birth of a child.                           

They have been a tradition in the US for a long time now and are growing in popularity here in the UK too. The original intent of a baby shower was for women to share their wisdom and advice on becoming a mother, giving gifts and essential nursery items to assist  with the expense, 'showering' the mum-to-be with support.

The anticipation of a new life is a happy time and what better excuse is there for getting together a group of friends and family than to share in the excitement and celebrate a brand new life. Plus, the mum to be gets loads of lovely presents for herself and her baby.

We aim to supply you with all you will need to host the perfect baby shower event, from themed tableware and decorations to unique gifts and game ideas. 

We will be happy to discuss your baby shower project, and offer lots of help and advice.

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Our story

abc Baby Shower was started when in 2010 we wanted to hold a baby shower for our daughter who was expecting her first child, our first grandchild.  Not been able to find what we wanted on the high street or through web searching we decided to organise our own online store with what we have found makes the ideal baby shower celebration!!  

We are a small team of parents and grandparents with exceptionally high standards.  We source our goods for price quality and aim to offer you something a little bit different,  from trendy to traditional!!!  

Our Nappy Cakes are a favourite among our customers and are an extremely popular  Baby Shower or Welcome Home Gift.  Unlike other sites each one is unique as we shop for our products  as the mood takes us and purchase what we feel will make fantastic ingredients in our fabulous cakes!

We really appreciate your comments and feedback.  If you have any good ideas regarding baby showers or would like to see certain items, we will try and source them and offer them on our site. please leave your messages on our Contact Us page. 

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